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Product Description
Dogwood Fruit Extract.
Serie No:P013.
Specifications:10:1 TLC.
INCI Name:Cornus officinalis Fruit Extract
Chem/IUPAC Name:Cornus officinalis Fruit Extract is an extract from the fruit berry of Cornus officinalis Sieb. et Zucc,Cornaceae.
Product Feature
Botanical Source:Cornus officinalis Sieb. et Zucc. Cornus officinalis.
Common Names&Synonyms:Cornus fruit, Dogwood fruit,Asiatic Cornelian Cherry Fruit,Asiatic Dogwood,Asiatic Dogwood Fruit, Chinese Dogwood Fruit, Corni Fructus, Dogwood Fruit, Dogwood Tree,Cornel, Cornelian Cherry, Rou Dzao (Fleshy Jujube), Shan Chu Yu, Shan Ju Yu, Shan Yu Rou, Shan Zhu Yu

What is Cornus fruit or Dogwood fruit?
This herb is the pulp of the ripe fruit of Cornus officinalis Sieb. etZucc. (family Cor-naceae), which isproduced mainly in Zhejiang, Anhui, Henan and Shanxi provinces. After collection in the late autumn, the fruit is baked over slow fire or scaldedslightly in boilingwater, and then driedin the sun or baked dry for use after removal of the fruitstone.
Sources Location:Cornus fruit grow in the provinces of Zhejiang, Anhwei, Henan, Shaanxi provinces of China. It collect in the fall time when the fruits are matured. Use the meat of the fruit, dried by heat or sunshine.
Flavor & Property:Sour; slightly warm
Properties: Sour, astringent in flavour, warm in nature, it is tropistic to the liver and kidney channels. Being warm and moist in nature, it functions in tonifying both liver-and kidney-yin and warming kidney-yang; and as an astringent, it is also good at consolidating and astringing the lower-jiao and serves as an important herb for reinforcing the kidney to preserve essence. Thus it can be used together with other herbs to treat syndromes of debility of the lower-jiao due to insufficiency of the liver and the kidney.
Sour in flavour, slightly warm in property, acting on the liver and kidneychannels.

Phytochemicals and Constituents:
morroniside; 7-O-methyl morroniside; sweroside; loganin; gallic acid; malic acid; tartaric acid; proto-vitamin A; tellmagrandin I,II; isochebulinterchebin; cornusin A,B; betulic acid, beta-sitosterol; palmitic acid, benzyl cinnamate,0.2%; isobutyl alcohol,9.6%; isoamyl alcohol,9.7%; trans-linalool oxide,3.3%;
elemicin,3.2%; furfural,9.2%; methyl eugenol,7.4%; isoasarone; beta-phenylethyl alcohol; cornuside; 7-dehydrologanin; comptothin A; comptothin B; gemin D; 5-hydroxy-metylfurfural; 5,5''-di-alfa-fuealdehydedimethylether;
Chemicals & Nutrients: beta-Carotene, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium,
Irodiod ghycoside ( morroniside, loganin), cornin, saponin, tannin, ursolic acid, tartanic acid, sugars, Vit. A.
Product Specification/Models
Name: Dogwood Fruit Extract.
Serie No: P013.
Specifications: 10:1 TLC.
Part Used: Fruit of Cornus officinalis Sieb. et Zucc.
INCI Name: Cornus officinalis Fruit Extract
Chem/IUPAC Name: Cornus officinalis Fruit Extract is an extract from the fruit berry of Cornus officinalis Sieb. et Zucc,Cornaceae.
Shelf Life: 18~24Months in Good Condition.
Appearance: Pale Brown Fine Powder.
Mesh Size: 100% Pass 80 Mesh Screen.
Color: Pale Brown
Odor and Smell: Characteristics.
Taste Sense: Characteristics.
Bulk Density: 0.46~0.50g/ml.
Anti-Stimulation effects/anti-hypoxia,anti-aging.Antioxidant.
Lowering Blood cholesterol/prevent arteriosclerosis.
Liver and kidney benefit.
Controlling menstruation and arresting bleeding.
Dogwood bark Applications.
Cardiovascular effects.
Immune Systems effects/water decoction.
Plasma glucose-lowering action.
Motility of human sperm.

Dogwoods got their name from the Middle Ages when the wood was used as skewers or "dogs." But, today these plants are widely used in landscapes for their beautiful flowers, showy fruit, winter color and attractive foliage. Birds relish the fruit and often eat every last one off a plant as soon as they're ripe. There are 17 species of dogwood native to North America and they range in size from small to large shrubs and small trees. Dogwood berries are eaten by over 98 species of birds! These include: bluebirds, brown thrashers, cardinals, cedar waxwings, flickers, gray catbird, mockingbirds, robins, song sparrows, thrushes, vireos and woodpeckers.
Use Recommendations of Dogwood Fruit:Impotence, seminal emission, incontinence of urination, spontaneous sweating, menorrhagia, uterine bleeding, and aching back and knees.
Dosage: 6-15g; 30g in large dosage,decocted in water for and oral dose.

Safety and Toxicity:
Acute Toxicity of Dogwood Fruit and Kernels:Dogwood fruit:LD50.Mice.Oral.>90.8 g/kg.Dogwood fruit kernel:LD50.Mice.Oral.>53.55 g/kg.Dogwood Fruit Water Extract:LD50 >10grams/kg.cumulation coefficient>5,10 g/kg; no reratogenicity observed.Result: water extracts of dogwood fruit shows no acute toxicity and cumulative toxicity;no reratogenicity on amniote.

Other Information
Use Recommendations of Dogwood Fruit:
Impotence, seminal emission, incontinence of urination, spontaneous sweating, menorrhagia, uterine bleeding, and aching back and knees.
Common Use suggestions and combinations:
Dizziness, impotence, seminal emission, frequent urination:* used with rehmannia root and Chinese yam
Severe debility with impending collapse:* used with ginseng, lateral root of aconite, dragon''s bone and oyster shell
Metrorrhagia, metrostaxis and menorrhagia:* used with cuttle-bone, carbonized rubia root, carbonized petiole of windmill palm

1. For insufficiency of kidney-yang induced debility of the lower-jiao manifested as spermatorrhea and frequent urination. it is often used with herbs for invigorating the kidney o preserve essence such as Fructus Psoraleae, Sement Astrgali Complanati, Semen Euryales, Radix Rehmanniae Preaparata. Rhizoma Dioscoreae, etc. For lassitude of the loins and knees, dizziness, tinnitus, night sweat, and spermatorrhear due to deficiency of both liver-and kidney-yin, it is often used with Radis Rehmanniae Preaparata, Rhizoma Dioscoreae, Cortex Moutan Radicis, as in Rehmannia Bolus of Six Ingredients (Liuwei Dihuang Wan).
2. For deficiency of Chong and Ren Meridians with menorrhagia, netrorrhagia and metrostaxis, it is often prescrided with drugs for curing metrorrhagia and leukorrhagia such as Radix Astragali seu Hedysari, Rhizoma Atractylodis Macrocephalae, Os Sepiella seu sepiae, etc.
3. For night sweat due to Yin-deficiency and spontaneous sweating because of Qi-deficiency, it is often prescribed with drugs for consolidating the superficies to stop sweaing, such as Os Draconis Fossilia Ossis Mastodi, Concha Ostreae, Fructus Tritici Levis, Fructus Schisandrae, etc.
4. For syndromesof deficiency of both the liver and kidney marked by dizziness, lassitudeof the loins and knees, impotence,seminal emission,froguent urination, enuresis, etc. Incase the above symptoms are due to deficiency ofboth the liver- yin and kidney-yin, dogwood fruit is often prescribed with prepared rehmannia root and chinese yam,as in Rehmannia Bolus of Six Ingredients ( Liuwei Dihuang Wan) ; in cases they are due to deficiency of the kidney-yang, itcan be used with psoraleafruit and chinese angelica root,as in Pill for Treating Deficiency of Both the Liver and Kidney (Caohuan Dan); for incontinence of urination, it canbe used with mantis egg-case, raspberry,bitter cardamon and flatstem milkvetch seed.
5. For incessanthidrorrhea and severedebility with impending collapse, it is often used along withginseng, lateral root of aconite, dragon''s bone and oyster shell.
6. To treatmetro-rrhagia, metrostaxisand menorrhagia, itcan be used with cuttle-bone, carboni-zed rubia root, carbonized petiole of windmill palm,etc.,as in Decoction forReinforcing Chong Channel (Guchong Tang).

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Packing: 1kgs to 5kgs bags,20kgs/CTB or 25 kgs/Drum
Batch quality stable,price competitive,strong packing and economic logistics.

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